Laser Engraving and Crystal Photo Frames

Photo gift or photo collage? They are two terms that mean the same thing but mean different things when used in the context of gift giving. These two terms generally mean gifts made with the use of a photograph – usually, a very high quality digital photograph taken with a digital camera. These photographs are then processed by printing them on a special transparent sheet of material known as a collage paper.

Crystal Photo: Adding Attraction To A Photo This collage of translucent, luminous crystals creates a dazzling effect. In addition, it appears that three-dimensional crystals would also float within the photo block. All that makes it an exclusive personalized photo gift of exceptionally high quality.

3d crystal
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crystal photo
crystal pictures

The collage paper and the crystal photo crystal are connected through a light base, which is made of transparent plastic film. A laser photo block is then placed over the light base. This procedure causes the crystals to fluently dance within the light base and create a dazzling effect. The personalized gift is then completed by etching it with opaque medium that leaves an oil like, velvet like appearance on the collage paper.

Engraving: This process of laser engraving is a bit more work than the crystal photo collage. In this case, a computer is required along with an engraver and a special pen that can be used for engraving. First, a favourite picture is placed on the top layer of the computer screen and then the engraver nibbles the ink onto the top layer of the computer screen.

After this process is completed, the photo crystal photo frame is passed into the laser engraver. There, the crystal photo frame is etched with intricate designs, patterns, lines, and shapes. The patterns, lines and designs are all engraving into the crystal photo frame using the special laser photo block. After this process, the luminous base of the crystal photo frame is applied. Next, the crystal photo frame is held in place with a brass or steel collar.

With the latest technology, we now have a new and improved way to personalize gifts! With personalized silver, gold and crystal photo charms and photo frames available now, it is so much easier and more convenient to put a loved one’s photo into a special present or a memory box. Why not let your imagination run wild – have your special one’s photo etched into a 3d photo crystal charm today! You won’t regret it.

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