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Introducing McAfee Unified Cloud Edge: Cloud-Native Security for SASE

McAfee is thrilled to announce the availability of Unified Cloud Edge, the most complete security solution for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architectures. Enterprises today have lost visibility and control over their data as it travels from any device, in any location, directly to cloud services. Unified Cloud Edge addresses this challenge with a unified security architecture that protects data from device-to-cloud while protecting against cloud-native breach attempts that are invisible to the corporate network.

McAfee Unified Cloud Edge is part of MVISION, the cloud-native security platform from McAfee. It begins with three core technologies converged into a single solution:

  1. Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB): Direct API and reverse proxy-based visibility and control for cloud services

  2. Secure Web Gateway (SWG): Proxy-based advanced protection against web-based attacks; visibility and control over web traffic and unsanctioned cloud services

  3. Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Agent- and network-based visibility and control over sensitive data

these technologies create a secure environment for the adoption of cloud services and enablement of access to the cloud from any device for ultimate workforce productivity. Companies can accelerate their business through faster adoption of transformative cloud services by protecting their data and assets with Unified Cloud Edge.

There are two prominent areas of convergence engineered to create this solution:

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